Process of making a Mariclaro Design

If you haven't had a chance to visit our studio / workshop, I will try to lead you with some words through the process of making a Mariclaro Design. 

It is a quite elaborated process and the main reason for this lies in the nature of the materials we work with. We work with mostly with vintage car interiors and repurposed aviation seat material. In sum, all the materials we use are recycled and always vary. Therefore, each design is unique - which is the cool part, because nobody has the same bag. But this means, that we can not mass produce the pieces - which we actually love. All Mariclaro Designs are individually handmade by us in CANADA. 

To make it even more fun, we try to trace back the origin of the material as much as we can. This is actually not so hard, because we source all the materials. What is hard, is to source the materials and than keeping everything organized. 

We source most of the automotive materials in local wrecking yards. I literally go in the yards and cut with a cutter knife all the materials out the cars. Its super fun, but hard work ;-) With the aircraft materials it is a little bit easier, because we get the materials from various airlines. And than the materials get cleaned. So you see, before we even can start working with the materials we already spend the entire day. 

If you want to visit our Studio and get a tour just check in with us >> There are some sweet cabins close by if you wanna explore the area ;-)