About Us

Mariclaro has been making bags and accessories from repurposed materials since 2008. In the last years we are focusing mostly on vintage automotive interiors and aviation materials. 

It all started with the challenging idea to create high-quality modern designs from repurposed materials; to demonstrate that there is no less quality in repurposed materials compared to new. We steadfastly believe that repurposed materials are far more interesting - rich with stories and character - worked in, not worn out - they set the design apart.

Mariclaro is built on the principles of high quality, sustainable production and ingenious designs. All our items are handmade in Canada in our studio in Snow Road Station, Ontario. Mariclaro .... obsessed with quality to the very last stitch.

Mariclaro began in Mexico in 2008 during a local election period. At the time, founder Sven Schlegel was pursuing his PHD in resource management in rural Mexico, and the abandoned election banners caught his eye – and that was it: the first Mariclaro bag was born.

One of the first Mariclaro bags made from recycled banner materials

Sven moved to Canada in 2009 and Mariclaro evolved from a small recycling project into a successful sustainable design company. Besides its own collections, Mariclaro has been elaborating projects and making merchandise for Mercedes Benz, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines and TEDx Talks. In 2011, Mariclaro received the Globe Award for Environmental Excellence for best green Canadian product.

And ….. If anyone wonders where the name came from, it originated back in Mexico, where everything began. It was one of those nights with a bottle of Tequilla on the table. Sven was looking for a name for the project and what could be better than adding the names of three beautifully ladies at the table - Marilyn, Claudia and Rosie - together?