514 I - Messenger bag

$199.00 CAD

Product Description

Multiple anchor points on the cross strap are the focal point of this sporty piece of swag. Cinch it
up and get down with your bad self. Gastronomical-Parkour-wear for the professional eaters of a new rising.  

* 3 accessory pockets on inside front
* Compartment for 13” computer
* Large zippered compartment
* 2 accessory pockets on inside back
* Adjustable strap
* 10 3/4 (L) x 14 1/4 (H) x 4 (W) inch

Reclaimed Materials

* Car seat belt
* Seat belt buckle
* Car seat leather
* Construction tarp
* Furniture upholstery

Please be aware, that we are working with reclaimed materials and therefore the paneling and the top buckle piece can vary slightly.