416 I – Mini Messenger Bag

$129.00 CAD

Product Description

Sling this mini messenger bag over your shoulder and proceed to saunter, strut,
shimmy, dosey, soft-shoe, pogo, mind-the-gap and chill until Goliath is down
for the count. 1999 called and they want the party back. Bring your Ipad.

* 21.75cm (L) x 25.5 (H) x 8.5 (W) 
* 8.5 inch (L) x 10 (H) x 3.5 (W)
* 2 internal accessory pockets
* Compartment for Ipad 
* Adjustable strap
* Secure car buckle closure

Reclaimed Materials

* Car seat belt
* Seat belt buckle from a vintage Lincoln
* Car seat leather
* Truck tarp
* Construction tarp
* Furniture upholstery

Please be aware, that we are working with reclaimed materials and therefore the paneling and the top buckle piece can vary slightly.